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Una promessa di felicità on Barbadillo

We were already busy with the work before Fabiano Spessi, The Art of Encounter, a couple of years ago on Barbadillo's pages. Now we have received a second collection, A promise of happiness (Giuliano Ladolfi publisher, pp. 87) consisting of sixty-six compositions, homogeneous by themes and style, which are in an ideal continuation with the previous work. Here, too, the poet presents us with a gallery of characters and places of his Milan, portraits, as he writes in the preface Giulio Greco, "with a touch of gentle realism, sometimes seasoned with irony, but always with respect, with profound pietas and sympathy "


Eratoterapia on Literary

The introductory lyric already gives us the typical style of the author: a rapid dialogue in which a referential figure emerges: the poet's profession is undoubtedly one of the most difficult, difficulties that seem to increase if it is a grandpa poet.

The Fall of Ideas (The Song) confronts us in a rapidly changing society, whether in the best or worse it will be said in History: today it feels the necessity of this objective poem and of considerable semantic precision, which contains irreducible values ​​unless it is wants to go back to the dark ages. The expressive power of Mosi poet is in the absence of ambiguity or dual senses, even where metaphors - which are - do not show the point of origin. It is the form to diverge from a plethora of writing that seems to have taken hold of the new generations of poets or presumptions of such, without then translating, as in the texts of Mosi, in the direction of shining light (p.

But objectivity has to relate to the plot of language and to face an impious time that does not grant advances. It almost seems that nature is carrying decay and death and nothing can be saved: perhaps myth or hope (The Ring). In these poems, it is the germ of a better world: it may be just utopia, and yet it is worth believing.

Eratoterapia: review by Mariangela Arnavas