I VOLTI NON HANNO PIU' NOME critical note by Gabriella Sica

Dear Bruno Bartoletti, read a new poet is always a hope and at the same time afraid of meeting one of the many forms of popular poetry. Instead, its small and precious booklet is really comfortable, really fine and intense. Conquered with ease (it is also a good player and I think a poet can not not be), not adorned nor hyperbole, in the company of friends and loved ones of which there remains in the mind the face, and even beautiful women poets, judiciously chosen and me of course dear, that elegantly open the different sections of the book, in the company of emotions filtered by time and its quiet solitude, made his poetic nice little trip. Congratulations and best wishes! And thanks for reading my books that I hope has been useful and absorbed, it is already a good dialogue!

ROBERTO MOSI interview at Toscana Tv

Roberto Mosi Poesie 2009-2016, note by Carmelo Consoli

Roberto Mosi inextricably links the image on the reverse, the visible reality in its switched to the next poetic transmutation, as if he were touched by an urgent need to transform in his mind every newspaper and existential path, both of which his society around him .

And doing so is in his poetry the modern homo viator involved in their existential wanderings inside the changing paths of pain, of happiness, of dreams, of disenchantment within those that the poet defines non-places "and the enchantment of those instead the "myth" that the sheer beauty and access to divinity.

It then creates both with his mobile camera (he is also a skilled photographer) who by his poetic word suggestive itineraries which are the expression of the sufferings and aspirations of contemporary society views in the many nuances of his behavioral dynamics.

I am personally in tune with him in thinking that poetry, in his dream creative path, should fulfill a vital need her, which is to be the most genuine and immediate expression of reality, descending into everyday life.

Mosi can do this need real art, poetry of facts and human attitudes everyday, minute hand of the landscape, dreamy reportage and this book, which includes poems written from 2009 to 2016 and taken from his various publications is a retrospective emotions and memories where you can admire his long human journey.